Jeff Ranish Proteomics CoreThe Center is composed of three multi-investigator interdependent research projects, two multi-investigator core facilities and several associated technology development projects, a distributive informatics model, and numerous education, training and outreach programs spanning K-12 and undergraduate students through to professional development for scientists.

For approximately ten years the Center has funded the partial salaries of approximately 25+ personnel, plus the salaries of approximately 10 trainees per year.  This personnel model ensures greater (and a non-siloed) knowledge transfer from the Center to the community.

Below are the key contacts in each component of the Center.

Center Executive Committee (internal advisory board)

John Aitchison (lead), Professor and Principal Investigator

Nitin Baliga, Professor

Jennifer Dougherty, Senior Program Manager

Lee Hood (co-lead), Professor

Lee Rowen, Senior Research Scientist (Hood group)

Ilya Shmulevich, Professor

Sui Huang, Professor

Scientific Advisory Board (external advisory board)

Michael Rout Professor, Laboratory of Cellular and Structural Biology, Rockefeller University

David Goodlett, Board Chair, Professor, and Isaac E. Emerson Chair of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Maryland School of Pharmacy

Philip Hieter Professor, Michael Smith Laboratories, Department of Medical Genetics, University of British Columbia

Jef Boeke Professor, Director Institute for Systems Genetics (ISG) Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Pharmacology

Michael Tyers Professor, Faculty of Medicine, Université de Montréal


Aim 1 – Research Projects

Project 1

Nitin Baliga (lead), Professor

Nathan Price (co-lead), Professor

John Aitchison (co-lead), Professor and Principal Investigator


Project 2

Aimee Dudley (lead), Associate Professor

Ilya Shmulevich (co-lead), Professor

Project 3

Sui Huang (lead), Professor

Lee Hood (co-lead), Professor


Aim 2 – Technology Development and Core Facilities

Proteomics Core

Rob Moritz (co-lead), Professor and Director, Proteomics Core

Jeff Ranish (co-lead), Professor



Single Cell Core

Lee Hood (lead), Professor

John Aitchison (lead), Professor and Principal Investigator

Sui Huang (lead), Professor


Distributive Informatics

Nathan Price (lead), Professor

Aim 3 – Culture, Education/Training, Outreach

John Aitchison (lead), Professor and Principal Investigator

Jennifer Dougherty (co-lead), Senior Program Manager (co-lead)