Martin Shelton, a postdoc in the Hood group, teaches a summer trainee how to teach high school students about networks.

Since 2006 the Center has supported 115 graduate students and 155 postdocs. The graduate students self-organized a governing board to identify and develop their training needs.  The postdocs are also self-organized by an annually self organized postdoc advisory board. This board is responsible for organizing training and career development events for all the postdocs at ISB, driven entirely by needs they have identified, and at their discretion.

Some past training event examples were an annual day-long offsite retreat on topics of such as grant writing, technology development and seeking venture capital, and “Making Big Science/Translational Science Work for Junior Scientists”.

In addition, the Center directly supported the career development of all ISB graduate students and postdocs by providing matching travel funds for scientific conferences, symposia and training.  This was a needed and unique opportunity for career development for our developing scientists made possible by the Center.