Claudia Ludwig, the Center lead and contact for K-12 initiatives

Direct support of K-12 systems biology education initiatives

The Center provides support to disseminate systems biology approaches, diversify trainees and to (fundamentally) change the way K-12 science is taught and learned in high schools.

High school students 

The Center provides direct support for disadvantaged high school students to receive training in systems biology and systems approaches through internships. This year the Center has provided direct support for high school interns full time (35 hours per week) for an eight week summer training program.

Summer Academy (high school teachers)

Center support resulted in sixteen educators receiving systems biology curriculum, materials, and equipment (photometers). Teachers receive training to build photometers, inexpensively, enabling them to introduce new systems biology curriculum into their classrooms.  This training also provides the teachers the opportunity to design and build a technology as part of their systems biology training.