In 2013 the Center started to award junior scientists funding to ‘seed’ early stage, innovative, potentially risky research and technology projects.  The seed projects are selected annually by our internal Center Executive Committee by peer review, and by mid-2014 the Center had awarded $81,000 (direct funds) to junior investigators.  Seed projects are open to all junior scientists within the ISB, and on average the Center receives approximately fifteen seed proposals per year.  Seed projects are used to fund research consumables and core facility charges.

Seth Ament, postdoc Price Group, CRISPR seed project lead 2014

Seth Ament, postdoc Price Group, CRISPR seed project lead 2014

In 2014 the Center sought seed projects that would drive new technology development through our core facilities.

The criteria used to select the projects are based on the aims of the Center and are:

  • Innovation/interesting science.
  • Broadly applicable – e.g. beyond a single project, lab group or a single application.
  • Foster junior scientists – e.g. facility runs: democratization of resources.
  • Foster research and technology development in as many lab groups as possible.
  • Foster collaboration between lab groups or outside of ISB.
  • Provide preliminary data to new grant application or funding.
  • Present at annual “all Centers” meeting.

As a consequence of reduced federal funding the Center has not had the opportunity to offer seed funding since 2014.